Music Of The Spheres


far from the roar of man made noise
metal cogs & plastic toys

submerged in this aqueous dream
water like speakers to my ears
the deeper I go, the more I can hear
the hum of the planet
the music of the spheres
churning of orbits, hymns of whales

hair twisting & swirling around these limbs out stretched
held and swayed in this amniotic embrace
veins of gold flecked sand
and moss like green lace

flickering light through flesh of eyelids and layered waves
tendon-like tide (flexing, relaxing)
salt meets sea and dissolves
salvia, tears, sweat

like Before –
when I swam out from that smaller womb
but we were real before that
more than strands of spiraled blue prints
pre-finger prints, pre-conception
joyful gleams
born equal of the same resonance
out of that same flash of inspiration

let me float here and remember
your perfect form
where all faults converge
at the epicenter of love.


written at Shell Beach, CA. Photo by Brindl.